Our main aim in whatever we do, is to create art that is inspiring, thought provoking, engaging but above all entertaining.


The Screaming Me Me's take pride in being hands on when it comes to the design of our costumes and make-up. As well as making a lot of our own costumes, we have commissioned work from other talented designers working with textile, leather, rubber and masks. We have also written, choreographed, directed and produced a number of acts and shows.

As well as designing for ourselves, we have been commissioned to design for companies that have specific themes and events.

One such company is Red 14 based in London. Red 14 were promoting a club called Dimension K in Tokyo, Japan that had four different themes over the year. The themes were Moon, Lagoon, Zoom and Typhoon.

The first theme Moon, allowed us to create sexy Astronauts, Rubber Aliens, Intergalactic transit passengers and Inflatable space suits as well as a spectacular finale character called 'Mirra Bella'. She was based upon a human mirror ball and with 3000 mirrored tiles hand glued onto light reflective lycra, when the lights hit her, well, she lived up to her name!

Lagoon was set in a futuristic world where cities were now built underwater and humans had mutated into fish. We created a group of hybrid fish/ human characters and called them 'Sushi'. Alongside the 'Sushi' characters we also created light reflective 'Manta Rays' built like giant kites that flew across the ceiling of the club.

As well as the fish characters we also created 'Aquanauts' and based the costumes on 3/4 length wet suits using light reflective lycra and Ultra Violet fabric. The club was lit with Ultra Violet light so depending on the lighting state, this determined what part of the 'Aquanauts' were visible.

Zoom took us speeding into the future on as many different forms of transport as we could imagine. The 'Silver Speed Team' was born, as were the 'CrashTest Dummies'.

We got a chance to work in a new medium... Leather! Four beautiful babes in one piece monochrome motorcycle outfits... and one lucky guy. Matching hair and accessories completed 'The Leather Team'. Lycra inserts also allowed flexibility to an unforgiving fabric and we were free to perform aerial and ribbon routines.

Matching boy and girl outfits made of chequered flag fabric created 'Flag' and 'Flagette', our two race officials.

Our last project was Typhoon, based upon a tropical storm. We took what we thought was the natural direction and based characters upon the elements but in fact the production company was heading towards a futuristic rescue team. The images below show our initial designs and then the final result...

The next design project we were involved in was in China this time... and the theme? 70's Retro. Just a little different from before. We were promoting Chivas Regal Whisky so the colour scheme was gold/ bronze. Again we based the look and feel of the characters upon our 'Candy Floss' character and we called the show 'Superfreak'. Working this time with a smaller budget , we adapted 'The Leather Team' and came up with 5 new characters called 'The Colours'.

Another design project we have worked on has been with a production company called Cirque Bijou, based in Bristol in the UK. The client was BP and we were to create a new group of Superheroes called 'The Ultimates' to promote their new greener fuel, BP Ultimate.

Many designs were put forward and tweaks made along the way until we ended up with the final group. It's interesting to see the transition of characters as the brief changed.

One of our more recent projects has been to work with a club promoter in Taiwan. The Loop Productions produces club events with an audience of over 12,000 people and they have commissioned us to create bespoke characters that both mix and mingle with the crowd and can also perform on stage. Being a club environment, we have started incorporating lights into our costumes, with great effect.